FaithDial: A Faithful Benchmark for Information-Seeking Dialogue

TACL 2022

Nouha DziriEhsan KamallooSivan MiltonOsmar ZaianeMo YuEdoardo Maria PontiSiva Reddy.

The goal of information-seeking dialogue is to respond to user queries with natural language utterances that are grounded on knowledge sources. In our recent investigation, we show that existing knowledge-grounded benchmarks are fraught with hallucinations (>60% of the responses). To mitigate this behavior, we adopt a data-centric solution and create FaithDial, a new benchmark for hallucination-free dialogues by editing hallucinated responses in the Wizard of Wikipedia benchmark. FaithDial contains around 50K turns across 5.5K conversations. If trained on FaithDial, state-of-the-art dialogue models are significantly more faithful while also enhancing other dialogue aspects like cooperativeness, creativity and engagement.

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